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Tabico Database

Welcome. These databases have been compiled by using Pedigrees2020. They have been put on this public website by the use of Pedigrees2020 along with the EasyPedigreeDb technology.

Any additions or corrections are more than welcome. Please contact me at the email below. There are direct access features available to Pedigrees2020 users and a full description of these can be seen on the Pedigrees2020 website.

People that know me, know that my main breed was the Exotic. These breeds below were also special to me over the years. There is a large database online using this same technology and can be seen at It contains Persians, Himalayans and Exotics.

[email protected]

UPDATE MARCH 22,2013 Deanna passed away suddenly today. Corrections or updates should be sent to me and I will try to maintain these databases for her, at least through year-end 2013. Thank you Deanna for all you have done to preserve these pedigrees and for your friendship.
[email protected]

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A Data Source BRITISH SHORTHAIRS (8760 records)
A Data Source JAPANESE BOBTAILS (3451 records)
A Data Source MAINE COON (25051 records)
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